Privacy Policy

Welcome to Pass The Driving Test. Contained within this document is our privacy policy. It describes how and why we collect, handle and keep your data, both submitted and collected. Here at Pass The Driving Test, our overall objective is to help you pass your driving test and get your driver’s license, however we take your data and its security very seriously. We only collect relevant and necessary data and we endeavour to handle it with the care it deserves.

Why Do We Collect Data

We use the data we collect to improve your overall experience when you use our website or services. It helps us tailor our website to better suit your needs and requirements. It also helps us improve the overall experience for all our users, creating a much better environment and resource for all learner drivers interested in passing their driving test.

What Data We Collect

The data we collect is usually defined to but not limited to the information you submit through various forms on the website. We also collect data on how you use and interact with the different areas of the website. We collect data on things such as how long you viewed a particular page, which areas of the website you interacted with during your visit and how long you spend on a course or lesson among other things.  

Our Cookie Policy

In order to collect data and analyse how you have used the website, we use cookies and other tracking pixels. Through the use of such cookies we are able capture the precise data we need, ensuring we are not collecting irrelevant data on how you have used the website.  The cookies are able to tell us which website sent you to our website, whether you came through an email campaign or  how you interacted with specific pieces of content or areas of the website. 

How is Your Information Shared

We handle your information with the care and security it deserves. We only collect your data to improve your experience, or the overall experience of other website users. Your data may be shared with carefully selected third parties to improve your overall browsing experience and they may provide or offer you services, that we have identified as providing you with value.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about how your data is collected, used, stored or shared, you can contact us at

Email: info @